Use Facebook targeted ads for a better ROI and increased traffic

So you’ve decided to start the business of your dreams, and things are looking up. You’ve fine tuned your product or service and you’re ready to take on the world! But how do you get the word out? Of course your can utilize the old ways of marketing by cold calling everyone and their mother, but it is very hard to engage your audience without feeling too “spammy”. We live in a digital age where content is king and people spend more time browsing the internet on their spare time. Given that most people are surfing the internet when they have spare time, would it be beneficial to market to your clients based off their specific interests? Here are ways small businesses can benefit from Facebook targeted ads.


Better Return on Investment


There are currently 1.65 million active Facebook accounts in the world today with a projected growth rate of 15% each year. That’s a tremendous amount of people and studies show that  when people are on Facebook, they spend about 40% of their time actively checking their news feed. By promoting your ads based on your potential clients interests,you can increase your ROI as these individuals are already interested in what you have to say. Within Facebook, you can target ads based off interests, age, demographics, employments, and even their yearly salary just to name a few. With Facebook, you can put your business ads right on your potential customers news feeds. Since we can target based off their interests and demographics, you’ll receive a better click-through-rate as this is content they are already excited about.

Use Facebook ads to target people based on their net worth


Get people to your landing page


You’ve created an awesome landing page for your business to convert traffic into new leads, now you have to promote it and get it out there. What the easiest way to do that? You guessed it, Facebook targeted ads. As we stated previously, we can push ads to individuals news feeds based on their interests and demographics. Can you imagine the click-through-rate of your landing page when some is already interested in your content. The key here is by utilizing Facebook targeted ads, we can market to people already interested in our content which generates more leads and creates more genuine engagements.


Make your business the local hotspot


With Facebook ads, you can target to specific areas to capitalize on your local market. This is especially useful for startups trying to get a following in their home city first before they take on the world. Use this feature to target ads based on the location and make it personalized to them. For instance talk to your audience directly and start your ad with “Hey Denver…” and then describe your promotion. This makes your businesses promotions feel more personable and the more precise we can get with your ads, the better click-through-rate you’ll have.

Capitalize on local markets with Facebook promotions


Implement these strategies in your next Facebook ad campaign for increased engagement in your business. Let us know what you think in the comments below and for any assistance in your own Facebook ads campaign, please email us at

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