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Casting a wide net when doing any kind of marketing is doable, but not ideal. You may get a few leads along the way but marketing to a specific niche or demographic can yield a better results and click through rates. A way that you can target specific demographics and know who to target to is by implementing Buyers Personas for your business. So here are ways to optimize your marketing strategy and lead generation through buyers personas.

Creating Buyers Personas

Buyers Personas are Semi – Fictional representations of your ideal customer based on real data. Creating buyers personas is important because it is the first thing we must do before we can  attract new visitors using inbound marketing. As marketers, we need to conduct some educated speculation about our customers demographics, behavior patterns, motivations, and goals. Doing this allows us to effectively pinpoint our marketing and push interest specific ads especially on social media. We create buyers personas by:

  • Interview current customers
  • Interview a test group of people
  • Ask lifestyle questions like “What is your Job title?” or “What are your goals?” etc.

The whole point of this is to see whats similar between the individuals you ask and create and create a fictional buyers persona as a guide for target marketing. Here is an example below.


Benefits of Buyers Personas

By defining our buyers personas, we can:

  • Specifically target our ads on social media based on interests, demographics, job titles, and even individual salaries.
  • Get a better click-through-rate with our ads as they will be geared towards our buyers persona’s interests
  • A better ROI

By implementing buyers personas in your marketing strategy, we get a better chance at turning visitors into new leads. The reason for this is because the ads that we promote are so specific, the chances of potential customers navigating through our content increases tremendously. I urge you to try this out in your own marketing campaign and you’ll be surprised on how effective target marketing is by utilizing buyers personas as a guide.

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